Polycell 3 in 1 Problem Wall Primer

Polycell Problem Wall Primer is a unique roller-applied product that solves common wall and ceiling problems in one coat. It seals, stabilises and prepares flaky, powdery or absorbent surfaces, providing a sound foundation that’s ready to paint.

  • Seals, stabilises and prepares flaky, powdery or absorbent surfaces.
  • Provides a sound foundation ready to paint in just one coat.
  • Easy to apply with a roller.
  • ToolsRoller, masking tape.
  • Difficulty levelone stars
  • Pack size2.5L tub
  • Drying time3 - 4 hours (depending on conditions)

How to apply

  • Difficulty levelstarsone stars difficultylevel
Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from loose particles, wallpaper and mould. If a mould is present treat with Polycell Mould Killer. Allow fresh plaster to dry for 7-10 days before treating.
Chalking distemper paints should be thoroughly removed before use.
Apply 1 coat of Polycell Problem Wall Treatment using a roller.
Once dry, the surface can be finished with all types of decorative paints.
After use, remove as much product from the roller as possible and wash with warm water.

Tools you need

  • Roller
  • masking tape.

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