How do you make repairs when you start to peel off old wallpaper and it takes off the plaster surface as well?

Old plaster often becomes very weak and when you strip off wallpaper it sometimes takes the plaster with it. You have two options. Firstly, you can strip the wallpaper using a purpose formulated wallpaper stripping solution which will help ease off the wallpaper and reduce the danger of you making nicks in the surface or dislodging sections of plaster. Once stripped, you can use SmoothOver Your Damaged Walls to repair any minor nicks and gouges caused by removing the wallpaper to achieve a perfectly smooth finish, prior to applying paint. You can apply SmoothOver Your Textured Wallpaper over the top of the paper and avoid having to strip it off. The wallpaper needs to be well adhered prior to applying a thin coat of SmoothOver to just fill the texture. After 3 to 4 hours a second coat can be applied to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

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