What should I do to prepare a wall for painting or wallpapering?

First, remove all picture pins and fill any nicks or dents with Polycell Fine Surface Polyfilla or Polycell Quick Drying Polyfilla. Always use a palette knife to obtain a smooth flush surface. Next, if the wall has been previously painted with silk paint, wash it down with Polycell Decorator’s Cleaner, starting at the top and working down. If the wall has been newly plastered, you should seal the surface with Wall Size to provide a good surface to wallpaper

If painting, seal new, bare and porous surfaces, including previously unpainted patterned textured surfaces (e.g. ceilings coated with ARTEX texturing compound), with Dulux Plaster Sealer. Mask round light switches and other fittings with masking tape. Remember to use a dustsheet on the floor to catch any stray paint splashes or drips.

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