How to use Polycell Polyfilla for Wood Large Repairs Tub

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Step by step

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Remove the inner Tub B from the main Tub A.


Take an even amount out of each tub and mix the two components well until a uniform colour is formed.


Do not prepare more filler than can be used in 10 minutes.


Press and work the filler well into the repair and smooth off with a filling knife.


After approx. 30 minutes, the filler can be carved or shaped with a modelling knife. After approx. 45 minutes it can be sanded, planed or filed.


Finish with a paint, stain or varnish.
Note: The filler may stain or varnish differently to the surrounding wood. To ensure a satisfactory result we recommend using Natural for staining or varnishing and White for painting. Fill a small test area first to ensure acceptable appearance. Do not use with wood dye.



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