How to easily repair fixtures that have fallen out

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Step by step

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Ensure the hole is clean, dry, and free from dust, oil and grease.


Remove product through the perforated backing card (always store unused product in the original packaging).


Cut a length of strip sufficient for the hole to be filled.


Remove the protective film from both sides of the cut strip.


Wearing suitable gloves, knead the strip until a uniform colour is obtained. Slight wetting with water improves workability.


Push product into hole until it is fully filled. A flat blade tool can be used for this. Remains workable for up to 4 minutes.


Remove excess material and ensure flush with the hole.


Centrally insert screw 1/2 way using light finger pressure to create a pilot hole. Leave screws in place to set for 1 hour.


Using a screwdriver carefully remove screw, position the fixture (e.g. bracket or shelf) and then fully tighten screw until flush with fixture (do not overtighten). Always follow manufacturers instructions for the fixture.


Do not use product for hanging objects over 20kg.



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