Polycell One Coat Stain Stop Aerosol

stain block aerosol can

Polycell One Coat Stain Stop is a highly pigmented stain block aerosol paint which permanently prevents existing stains reappearing through paint. It provides one coat coverage over water stains, grease, nicotine, crayons, rust and soot.

  • Permanently prevents existing stains reappearing through paint.
  • One coat coverage for water stains, grease, nicotine, crayons, rust and soot.
  • Also available in a paint for brush application.
  • ToolsMasking tape and safety glasses.
  • Difficulty levelone stars
  • Pack size250ml aerosol
  • Drying timeSurface dry in 15 minutes (depending on conditions)

How to apply

  • Difficulty levelstarsone stars difficultylevel
Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from loose material.
When applying it is advisable to wear eye protection.
When stopping stains caused by water or damp, make sure that the original cause of the problem has been rectified.
Shake well until you hear the steel pellet rattling and then continue for 1 minute more.
Spray evenly over stain from a distance of 20-30 cm (9"-12") until stain is fully covered.
Allow at least 10 minutes to dry before painting or wallpapering
For especially stubborn stains, allow Polycell Stain Stop to dry fully, then apply a second coat.
If over painting with gloss or eggshell paint, first prime treated areas with water based paint.
After use, invert the can and spray until nozzle is cleared to prevent clogging.

Tools you need

  • Masking tape and safety glasses.

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