Polycell Liquid Sanding

Polycell Liquid Sanding is an equivalent to sandpaper, but without the hard work or dust. Its brush-on formulation cleans surfaces and turns gloss into matt in an instant, providing the perfect key to all paint jobs.

  • Brush-on formula cleans surface and turns gloss into matt.
  • Equivalent to sandpaper without the hard work or dust.
  • Provides the perfect ‘key’ for all paint jobs.
  • ToolsBrush
  • Difficulty levelone stars
  • Pack size500ml bottle
  • Drying time30 minutes

How to apply

  • Difficulty levelstarsone stars difficultylevel

Shake well before use.


Remove loose or flaking paintby smoothing down with abrasive paper.


Apply Polycell Liquid Sanding with a brush or cloth using a firm, circular rubbing motion.


Ensure the whole area is covered systematically and prepared evenly.


Wipe off with a damp cloth for a smooth surface.


Tools you need

  • Brush

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