Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive

Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive

Published on 06-12-2013

Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive can be used with any type of wallpaper and mixes quickly to a smooth wallpaper paste that is very easy to apply. It contains fungicide to protect against mould growth. This extra strong formula allows easy slide to match the patterns perfectly guaranteeing long lasting results. ‘Easy Slide’ formula for […]

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Polycell Wallpaper Stripper

Published on 04-04-2013

Polycell Wallpaper Stripper makes wallpaper stripping easier and faster. It penetrates the wallpaper and dissolves adhesive to actively release the wallpaper. Unlike steam strippers, it does not damage plaster. The concentrated formulation makes enough to strip a large room. Penetrates wallpaper, dissolving adhesive to actively release wallpaper. Does not damage plaster. Concentrated formula, enough to […]

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