Polycell Grout Reviver


Polycell Grout Reviver will revitalise old discoloured grout to give your kitchen or bathroom a bright, white and water resistant finish.

  • An easy way to revitalise old discoloured grout.
  • Gives a fresh, white, water resistant finish.
  • Includes application brush and sponge.
  • ToolsBrush and sponge (provided)
  • Difficulty leveltwo stars
  • Pack size250ml pack
  • Drying time2 hours drying time

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How to apply

  • Difficulty levelstarstwo stars difficultylevel

Ensure existing grout and tiles are free from dirt, limescale, grease and soap by using a cleaner such as Polycell Decorator’s Cleaner.


Remove traces of mould by treating with a product such as Polycell Mould Killer.


Rinse with clean water and leave grout to dry thoroughly.


Shake Bottle and apply Polycell Grout reviver with the brush provided. TEST IN A SMALL AREA FIRST. Brush well into existing grout, avoiding build up where lines cross.


Allow to dry thoroughly (At least 2 hours)


Wet area thoroughly with a sponge or plant spray bottle, leave for 3 minutes, then wipe away excess with a wet sponge.


To finish, wipe down tiles with a dry cloth.


Tools you need

  • Brush and sponge (provided)


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